Photos: Innovation on display

Photos: Innovation on display

Summary: Demofall offers the chance to learn about scores of companies' products and services in a short period of time.

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  • Samir Arora

    Samir Arora, founder and chairman of Glam Media, models his company's shopping site at the Demofall 2005 conference on Tuesday. is a new kind of shopping experience that allows users to browse the site like a magazine, find their styles, and buy whatever is on the screen from more than 500 brands.

  • IMMI

    At Demofall 2005, IMMI showed a child safety car seat designed completely on digital systems. The seat installs with a simple click, has a five-point harness system and a one-touch adjustment for headrest, harness and buckle strap. The seat also has an aircraft aluminum frame and smart-core foam.

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