Photos: Inside AMD's German fab

Photos: Inside AMD's German fab

Summary: The first tool hook-up in Advanced Micro Devices' Fab 36 clean room took place in December 2004. The total cost of the chip fabrication plant in Dresden, Germany, is expected to come to $2.

TOPICS: Processors

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  • Packing the wafers for transport

    This will be loaded onto one of the robots that handle wafer distribution and can conduct the task with less disruption than humans.

  • Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?

    The government of Saxony is subsidizing part of the cost of the fab. Here, German government officials and AMD execs attend the groundbreaking ceremony in 2003.

  • Installing more tools

    Some of the equipment in a fab can cost more than $15 million and require specially designed trucks for delivery.

Topic: Processors

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