Photos: It's tipoff time for robo-ball tournament

Photos: It's tipoff time for robo-ball tournament

Summary: As part of its mission to make science fun, NASA sponsors a robot basketball tournment that begins Saturday.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • Parts

    To compete, teams must pony up $6,000 for registration and any other amount up to $3,500 needed to augment the initial supplies. Once registered, the teams are given three boxes of hardware and software worth roughly $10,000, including motors, wheels, transmission, radio controller and control board. They are given engineering software and a programming language called Easy C that allows them to write a program for the robot's on-board computer.

  • ref

    Looks like a real ref for this competition. Richard Manco, NASA Glenn exhibit manager, was named Volunteer of the Year partly for his work at the Buckeye Regional. Thirty-three regional competitions took place in March for teams to qualify for the finals at the Georgia Dome.

  • Louisville High School

    Students from Louisville High School get King Louis 1 players ready for action.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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