Photos: Looking for land mines

Photos: Looking for land mines

Summary: A device that adds GPR features to a standard metal detector is the latest tech advance in the search for buried explosives.

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  • deiming team in Cambodia

    A demining team in Cambodia tries out HSTAMIDS, short for handheld standoff mine detection system, which combines a metal detector with ground-penetrating radar. The multisensor device is designed to give deminers a better picture of whether objects underground are explosives or harmless clutter. The U.S. Army has been using the system for a couple of years, and variations for nonmilitary use are now being put into the field. HSTAMIDS has been in testing in Cambodia since April.

  • HSTAMIDS in Afghanistan

    HSTAMIDS at work in very different terrain, in Afghanistan. The U.S. military has reported success with the system there and in Iraq.

Topic: Tech Industry

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