Photos: Low-cost PCs

Photos: Low-cost PCs

Summary: Several groups are touting machines for bringing the Net to Africa, rural Asia and Latin America. Here are Intel's latest designs.


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  • The Affordable PC

    The Affordable PC, another Intel-designed computer, comes with the basics and cannot be upgraded. With Linux (Mandrake here), it can cost as little as $220.

  • This is a gamer PC for China's Internet cafes. Roughly one-quarter of Internet cafe patrons have PCs at home, according to Intel. Home, however, is also where mom, dad and grandparents are. Thus, the cafes serve a social function.

    The PCs contain software that lets an administrator block certain Web sites. In the West, this would be considered censorship. In China, cafe owners end up in jail if they don't use the software.

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