Photos: Microbes versus insects

Photos: Microbes versus insects

Summary: Killing bugs with naturally occurring (but selectively bred) micro-organisms could save farmers billions of dollars a year in crop damage.

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  • Pam Marrone, Agraquest

    AgraQuest founder Pam Marrone shows off root knot nematodes, a billion-dollar pest. Marrone's fascination with insects started as a kid when she began to trap specimens at a pond in her yard.

    To read the story "Recruiting microbes to do the dirty work," click here.

  • Bug filled rooms

    More insect samples. It's pretty tough to find a room in AgraQuest's main building not filled with bugs.

  • Serenade fungicide

    The final product--a dried sample of the fungicide Serenade. The home version, sold in a solution, is in the background.

Topic: Tech Industry

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