Photos: Mighty waves at Mavericks

Photos: Mighty waves at Mavericks

Summary: Some of the world's best surfers battle it out at the renowned big-wave competition.

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  • View from above

    Thousands of people line the beaches and cliffs near Half Moon Bay for the 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest. Because the contest takes place half a mile offshore, binoculars are practically required to follow the action.

  • Wipeout

    This surfer's run takes a turn for the worse as the crest of a wave barrels down on him from above.

  • Flotilla

    A makeshift flotilla of locals, paid charters, and media goes to sea every year to catch a close-up look at the Mavericks surfing competition. The San Francisco Chronicle even put a photographer on a helicopter.

Topic: Tech Industry

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