Photos: on game day: How IT happens

Photos: on game day: How IT happens

Summary: A look at the technology and content behind


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  • Take a look at the technology and content behind

    Every day from March to October is game day for and the IT challenges stack up. Issues of scale, new products, digital asset management and juggling online access with television rights are just some of the challenges. Bottom line: What you see on looks easier than it is. ZDNet took of tour of's facilities in Chelsea, New York to talk technology (see related blog post). Here's a look at the key players and technologies behind the scenes. Click on photo to zoom in.
  •'s chief technology officer Joe Choti says he take a best of breed approach with technology. He also prefers to build his own applications. Under the hood of is hardware and software from Sun Microsystems, running on Oracle databases. Most applications are built on Java. Akamai is's delivery platform. Tibco, Quovo and SAS are also key vendors. On game days, can see 20 million to 50 million page views an hour. Overall, garners about 4 million unique users a day. Click on photo to zoom in.

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