Photos: 'Moonbuggies' bounce to the finish line

Photos: 'Moonbuggies' bounce to the finish line

Summary: Teams of students designed, built and raced vehicles for NASA's 13th annual Great Moonbuggy Race.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • college winners

    The moonbuggy team from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kan., takes first place at NASA's 13th annual Great Moonbuggy Race at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala., on Saturday. 34 college and high school teams from across the United States competed over simulated lunar terrain in a race inspired by lunar rovers on the final three Apollo missions.

    Student teams faced the same challenges confronting NASA engineers--to build compact, light and durable vehicles that had to be assembled on the go. Pittsburg State's team won a trophy, a trip to a space shuttle launch and a cash prize.

  • high school winners

    High-school winners from Huntsville Center for Technology of Huntsville, Ala., turn the corner on two wheels.

    NASA hopes the race will inspire participants to pursue careers in math, science and engineering. It also hopes to keep the dream of human space exploration alive.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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