Photos: MusicGremlin rides on Wi-Fi

Photos: MusicGremlin rides on Wi-Fi

Summary: Portable player uses a wireless link to directly access the music store--freeing people up from having to use a PC to download tunes.

TOPICS: PCs, Hardware, Wi-Fi

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  • Dimensions

    The MusicGremlin measures 4.1 inches by 2.4 inches by 0.8 inches and offers a 2-inch, 220-by-176-pixel color screen. The front and back are glossy black, while the contoured sides and the selection pad have a matte finish and a rubbery feel.

  • Side-mounted controls

    The rubbery center selection pad lets you move between menus and choose songs and options, while the on/off/hold switch is on the left side. The volume, play/pause, and forward/reverse controls are on the right. The MusicGremlin also has dedicated volume and player controls.

  • Connection ports

    The bottom of the MusicGremlin has line-in (not an active feature), standard mini-USB and power ports. The weak internal speaker is also found on the bottom.

Topics: PCs, Hardware, Wi-Fi

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