Photos: New products from Fujitsu

Photos: New products from Fujitsu

Summary: Fujitsu executives show off a new notebook and a prototype of the company's e-paper technology.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • The LifeBook Q2010

    Richard McCormack, senior vice president of marketing for Fujitsu Computer Systems, holds the LifeBook Q2010, which the company plans to begin shipping in the summer.

  • Fujitsu's e-paper technology

    Al Zmyslowski, senior vice president of engineering at Fujitsu Computer Systems, holds a prototype of the company's e-paper technology at a meeting with reporters in Fujitsu's Sunnyvale, Calif., offices. The flexible 320-by-240-pixel color display uses liquid crystal technology but consumes no power once an image is loaded. The company believes it will be useful initially for displaying prices in stores and schedules in train stations or airports. The company has larger prototypes, the size of a regular sheet of paper, as well, Zmyslowsky said.

Topic: Hardware

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