Photos: New species discovered

Photos: New species discovered

Summary: Scientists stumble upon dozens of new species of frogs, butterflies and plants in the mountains of a remote province in Indonesia.

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  • Bruce Beehler

    Bruce Beehler, Conservation International's vice president for Melanesia, studies a female Berlepsch's six-wired bird of paradise (Porotia berlepschi) during an expedition to the Foja Mountains of Papua province, Indonesia, on the island of New Guinea. This expedition was the first time this bird has ever been photographed.

  • Map

    Map of the Foja Mountains in Papua, Indonesia, in western New Guinea.

  • Six-wired bird of paradise

    The first photographic record of the Berlepsch's six-wired "lost" bird of paradise, rediscovered on the Conservation International Rapid Assessment Program expedition to the Foja Mountains.

Topic: Tech Industry

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