Photos: No place to hide at RFID tracking party

Photos: No place to hide at RFID tracking party

Summary: Everyone at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's RFID reception will know if you've spent too much time at the bar.

TOPICS: Security

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  • RFID reader

    Four RFID readers made by Alien Technology were placed in the museum's reception area so that people's movements throughout the room could be tracked. This green reader was located by the bar at the front door. People whose RFID history was mostly green or blue spent most of the time at the bar. Red indicated dancing, and yellow talking.

  • creators

    Karen Marcelo (left) of Survival Research Labs, Eric Paulos of Intel Research Laboratory (center) and Anthony Burke of the University of California at Berkeley's architecture department (right) created this RFID demonstration. Another member of the project, Berkeley lecturer David Ross, is not pictured.

  • RFID tag

    Visitors of the MoMA's reception on Thursday evening were given a RFID tag to wear. Each tag was implanted with a unique number that could be tracked when it came within range of one of the RFID tag readers.

Topic: Security

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