Photos: OLPC's new $75 XO-2 laptop

Photos: OLPC's new $75 XO-2 laptop

Summary: The One Laptop Per Child program hopes for a needed boost with a second generation laptop which is geared toward kids in developing countries.


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  • It's take 2 for the One Laptop Per Child project--version XO-2 of its laptop geared for children in developing countries features two side by side screens. The XO-2 is expected to arrive in 2010.

    Some highlights of the new laptop, according to Larry Dignan:

      # OLPC is betting that new developments in hardware, software, display and processor technologies will lower the XO-2’s price tag to $75.

      # OLPC is going with the 1 watt power consumption target so XO-2 can be powered by a hand crank.

      # The XO-2 will feature dual-touch displaces for the e-book.

      Photo Credit: OLPC

  • The most interesting new feature is the two 16:9-ratio touchscreens, one of which can be used as a touch-sensitive keyboard. ZDNet's John Morris compares it to a cross between an Apple iPhone and an oversized Nintendo DS. OLPC will market it as a feature packed e-book reader capable of holding up to 500 books.

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  • A Glimse of the Future for Learning Appliances!

    Looking at the XO-2 makes me think of an enumerable amount of conversations that I have had with my education counterparts about an appliance that isn't an iPhone/PDA and isn't a notebook computer. I would say that Nicholas Negroponte and company have developed something that has tremendous reach into not only to it's intended audience but education and consumer markets as well.
  • More script kiddies in the future....

    Just wait, if one of these kids get wise, they'll figure out computers. Just look back in history where slaves self-taught themselves how to read, just a matter of time.

    But if the child is taught how to use the computer correctly, let's hope that in the future we don't have to deal with stealth viruses like the ones we got today like for windows and a very small percentage for Apple's operating system.

    Let's see where the future takes us, shall we?
    • A computer is a machine to get another task done

      The problem with computers is that they have a "correct" way to use them. They should be a background assistant that I do not have to think about. Like in the picture, the child is reading a book. The point of the activity is reading a book, not how to get the computer to show the book. Thinking the child needs to know how the computer works is about as progressive as me needing to know how to print a bind a paper book in order to read it.

      It's this kind if thinking that stops us from progressing and it's a lack of standards that keeps us reinventing the wheel instead of achieving the computing potential.

      BTW, it could be said that a person does not understand a computer if they don't program in assembler. I put this statement on the same level as yours...
      • Original intent

        The original intent of the OLPC program was to help children in third world countries become computer literate. In theory, this will allow them to advance their economies.

        It appears, however, that this latest iteration of the machine will actually advance the lap top state of the art. I know, looking at it and assuming it works as advertised, I would like one. The two touch screens would eliminate the need for a mouse and keyboard (also assuming that the screen can display a keyboard that works well as a keyboard).

        Of course, it's easy to mock up a product and make it look good. The hard part is actually building the product so that it works.
        • There's nothing to stop them

          Technologically, there's nothing to stop them from building a working prototype now, and software wise, I don't see anything but low hurdles.

          The big problem is getting funding, after OLPC's bad press.
  • Fantastic design; but an insult to our...

    intelligence. Why are they still posting these ridiculous price figures? We know damn good an well that isn't anymore realistic than the last project!..

    I love the concept this program has launched, but spare us the doofy price predictions! This complaint is aimed at the OLPC project, not ZDnet(just for clarification)
    • I agree...

      The price will undoubtedly be very, very low, but c'mon. A dual-screen, low power ultraportable laptop for less than a tank of gas?
  • RE: XO-2 laptop (Photos: OLPC's new $75 XO-2 laptop)

    The dual screen model is brilliant, I for one will buy one for myself and others for developing countries. This is where technology should be moving, not the old notebook paradigm.
  • RE: XO-2 laptop (Photos: OLPC's new $75 XO-2 laptop)

    Looks great, small portable,but whats the Batt-life ? Does it have any negative harmful effects?
    Can one connect wireless to Internet? The price
    is very apealing.
  • RE: XO-2 laptop (Photos: OLPC's new $75 XO-2 laptop)

    The images makes it look sweet - is that a mock up or working design? I agree that it's a notebook that many, not just developing countries will covet. However, as a tablet user, I hope it comes with a means of keeping the keyboard screen fingerprint-free so that when it is converted to eBook mode it won't be difficult to read...
  • RE: XO-2 laptop (Photos: OLPC's new $75 XO-2 laptop)

    I love to read, and I would love a pc that would have a screen a little bigger than the size of the page of a a paperback book. Ideally it would weigh about the same and display 2 opposing pages. This would be a great e-book reader that you could sit in your lawn chair, airport / airplane, etc. It should read pdf, text, doc formats and not just vendor specific format. The XO looks like it might fit the bill, but I just know they will screw it up somehow with either price or vendor specific software - format, so that you will not be able to load any text you want without having to buy a book on-line from some company.
  • Where can I get one/some.

    I want one!
    Particularly if it is running Linux.
    My ideal portable computer looks like a paperback novel or works like an (actual paper) A5 notebook - not necessarily spiral bound, but able to be written in, read and used as a tool while I am doing other things.
    As other responses have said, this changes the focus from using a computer to doing something else, with rhe aid of a computer.
  • where can i get one?

    man i loved the dual screen idea, lets hope they keep it that way, it does look its where the next gen of laptop design is headed. for typing one can always add one one external keyboard if typing on screen doesnt suffice. things gotta have wifi support, since its target date is 2010. i for one would love to own one, would ditch my current laptop in a heart beat. that thing is good enough to go mainstream, and maybe by 2010 most laptops or atleast a significant percent of laptops might adopt that dual screen design, what with windows7's built in multitouch support. even if they dont sell main stream , i live in india, it being a third world over here, they are sure to sell over here and i would love to get my hands on one then. hope they dont screw it by then somehow.
  • RE: XO-2 laptop (Photos: OLPC's new $75 XO-2 laptop)

    If that's the unit;... with two panels on it;... and it's only $75 or so...??!! No I think something is deceiving here. No no, Micro$soft doesn't give anything away. Something is fishy here.
  • Cute

    Thats a super cool idea, great going MS, finally you've decided to dive in to bridging the gap between the dream and the REALITY in your own "PCs for the masses" ideology !
    • How Do You Assume It's Got MS On It?

      Nowhere in the article does it say the 2010 version has MS on it.

      Spreading FUD again.
  • If It Has Vista Or Windows 7 On It

    It'll flop hard because $100 in hardware won't be able to tame those behemoths.
  • RE: XO-2 laptop (Photos: OLPC's new $75 XO-2 laptop)

    Inflation will kill the $75 price. It would be a miracle at twice that price.