Photos: Open Source Business Conference

Photos: Open Source Business Conference

Summary: Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz: "The most popular products in world will be free--whether they are open source is more of sideshow." More from OSBC.

TOPICS: Open Source

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  • Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig gave one of his signature talks about the tension between the old world of master controllers (cable and telcos owning the pipes) and the new world of creative and innovative commons fostered by the Internet and digital media. So far the digerati have been out-lobbied in the corridors of power in Washington D.C. More from OSBC.

  • From left: Bob Sutor, vice president of open source and standards at IBM; Stephen Walli, vice president of open source development at Optaros; Jason Matusow, who led Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative; Tim Bray, director of Web technologies at Sun; and Andrew Updegrove, partner at Gesmer Updegrove LLP debate the relationship between open source and open standards at OSBC.

Topic: Open Source

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