Photos: Open Source Business Conference

Photos: Open Source Business Conference

Summary: Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz: "The most popular products in world will be free--whether they are open source is more of sideshow." More from OSBC.

TOPICS: Open Source

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  • SpikeSource CEO Kim Polese announced that her company would create a distribution that includes SugarCRM and the LAMP stack that enterprises can just plug into their enterprise and keep it current will all the patches and updates as part its support service. More from OSBC.

  • "I don't think Silicon Valley understands the power of Wikipedia, how it works or the opportunities it represents," Mitch Kapor said during his OSBC keynote.

  • Nick Carr believes that the utility computing model is inevitable, just as the power grid eventually become a centralized plug and play resource. More from OSBC.

Topic: Open Source

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