Photos: PCs for the poor

Photos: PCs for the poor

Summary: A look at a few possibilities for bringing an inexpensive computer to the developing world.

TOPICS: PCs, Hardware

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  • The Negroponte machine

    Several partners, including Advanced Micro Devices and Red Hat, have lined up behind this $100 machine from Nicholas Negroponte and the MIT Media Center. But to hit that low price, the machine's makers have to leave out all but the basics. The unit comes with only a 500MHz processor and 500MB of local storage (in the form of flash memory--the laptops won't include drives). And the units don't sport mainstream applications.

  • The thin client

    Because they rely on a server to store and process data, and thus don't need fast processors or a hard drive, thin clients can be produced for about $100, including a used monitor. The downside is that if the server dies, so do all the machines that are connected to it.

  • The SUV PC

    At the Computer Electronics Show in January, Intel unveiled a concept "community computer" for emerging countries. The "SUV PC"-style machine is made to tolerate hot and dusty conditions. Pricing for this type of unit can be prohibitive though.

Topics: PCs, Hardware

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