Photos: PCs to save the Earth

Photos: PCs to save the Earth

Summary: Tech Networks of Boston builds a line of Earth PCs that use less power--saving money and energy.

TOPICS: PCs, Hardware, Networking

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  • Tech Networks of Boston builds a lineup of Earth-PCs that promise lower electricity bills and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The company claims the energy savings will pay for the PC or server itself in about four years.

    The basic PC starts out at $689 with a Celeron D processor and without speakers and monitor. The company also features PCs that run on Intel Pentium D and Core 2 Duo processors with pricing that begins at $1,439 without a monitor. The PCs appear to be more costly than a comparable model from a mainstream company but are cheaper to maintain, according to the company.

  • Earth PCs use LCD flat panel monitors which use about 50 percent less energy than CRT displays. Many of the models also have built-in speakers that eliminate the need for speaker power supplies.

  • Tech Networks of Boston say the 400 watt power supplies used in their PCs feature a Power Factor Correction that accounts for 33 percent energy savings. The company also touts the use of components that limit the use of harmful substances. For example, Intel processors use lead-free solder.

    Earth-PCs have qualified for an energy-star rating.

Topics: PCs, Hardware, Networking

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