Photos: Portable satellite radio receivers

Photos: Portable satellite radio receivers

Summary: The selection of portable receivers is growing as satellite radio services vie for listeners.

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  • Sirius S50

    The Sirius S50 is priced at $359.99, including a car docking station. A home docking station also is available.

  • Pioneer Inno for XM

    Earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, XM Satellite Radio unveiled a pair of devices that double as radio receivers and MP3 players. Both are part of its XM2go line and are expected to go on sale in March. A tie-in with the Napster online music service lets people bookmark songs they're listening to for later purchase. Pictured here is the $400 Pioneer Inno (4.5 ounces, 3.7 inches high by 2.2 inches wide and a half-inch deep), which stores up to 50 hours of programming.

  • Samsung Helix for XM

    XM Satellite Radio unveiled a second radio receiver/MP3 player at CES, the $400 Samsung Helix. It sports the same dimensions as the Inno and similarly stores 50 hours of programming. Both devices are due out in the first quarter.

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Topic: Nasa / Space

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