Photos: Power tools hit the drag strip

Photos: Power tools hit the drag strip

Summary: It's a bizarro world version of Nascar when belt sanders and chain saws burn rubber.

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  • Two single-engine power tools

    Riders on two custom fabricated machines compete in the "Funny Car" class at San Francisco's fifth annual Power Tool Drag Races. Races were held Sunday afternoon at the Ace International Speedway, better known as Ace Auto Dismantling, a junkyard where dilapidated cars, tractors and tires are piled high in an industrial no-man's-land at the southern edge of the city. The races allow only handheld power tools such as belt sanders, angle grinders, circular saws, drills, chainsaws, weed whackers and vibrators. Machines that are on rollers are barred from the event.

  • Mistress of ceremonies

    While contestants gear up for a race, the mistress of ceremonies is the center of attention on the track. She waves green plastic flags to start each race, but is also known to do cartwheels in her platform shoes when a favored team is winning.

  • Race car with stuffed-bear mascot

    A large power-tool race car with its signature talisman, a white stuffed bear. Earlier, another stuffed animal in the race caught fire and organizers struggled to extinguish the smoky bear.

Topic: Storage

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