Photos: Red Spot Jr. grows on Jupiter

Photos: Red Spot Jr. grows on Jupiter

Summary: A gigantic storm has been brewing on Jupiter for the past decade--and it recently turned red.

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  • Red Spot Jr.

    Red Spot Jr. is the name given to a gigantic storm that has been ravaging Jupiter for the past six years. The storm, which is now about half the size of the Great Red Spot, was formed in 2000.

    At that time, its color was white. But in November 2005, its color began to change--first to brown in December 2005--and then to the same color as the Great Red Spot. This Hubble telescope photo has been filtered to enhance the colors.

  • Merging storms

    This series of photos shows how the storm grew. In 1997, three separate storms were seen. In 1998, two. Then, in 2000, the remaining two storms combined.

Topic: Telcos

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