Photos: RoboCup puts the ball in play

Photos: RoboCup puts the ball in play

Summary: World Cup soccer matches not techie enough for you? Check out these robo-Ronaldinhos.

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • Cornered

    Cornered! But this diminutive robot could still get the ball in the goal--with a heaping dose of bending it like Beckham.

  • Sony Qrio

    If robots can play soccer, why not also provide color commentary? In fact, that's the assignment for a pair of robots from Carnegie Mellon University for some of the matches. Based on Sony's humanoid Qrio (seen here), the duo of Ami and Sango will receive wireless input from the Game Controller, the system that communicates the referee's calls to the robot players. Ami is designed to be emotional, while Sango is the sober one, Carnegie Mellon says.

  • programmers

    Not all of the action takes place on the soccer field. Here, a pair of flesh-and-blood programmers make sure their robot systems are ready for game time.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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