Photos: Robot racers tune up for DARPA Challenge

Photos: Robot racers tune up for DARPA Challenge

Summary: Teams from around the country are getting ready for the 2005 Darpa Grand Challenge for robotic cars.


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  • Stanley

    Stanley, Stanford University's entry in the 2005 Darpa Grand Challenge, began as a Volkswagen Touareg R5, which is sold only in Europe. The $2 million prize for robotic vehicles to race across the desert has attracted 43 teams from around the United States. The field will be cut to 20 finalists for the Oct. 8 event.

  • Stanley

    Stanley's in the driver's seat with the control panel but a passenger can take over manual control of the car if needed. Click here for more photos of Stanley.

  • Sandstorm

    The Red Team from the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University recently broke a record by driving a robotic vehicle 200 miles around a race track. It's car, Sandstorm, was originally a 1986 HMMWV or High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle. The vehicle ran in the 2004 Darpa challenge but has been re-equipped with a new engine, shocks and GPS sensors. Here, it's doing the "Pork Chop" maneuver.

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