Photos: Rocket school stages another launch

Photos: Rocket school stages another launch

Summary: A small team from the University of Queensland Australia successfully launches its second rocket in five days.

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  • weather balloon

    This is not a big-budget operation. Master of philosophy student Samantha Coras inflates a weather balloon to test winds before the HyShot III launch.

  • launch

    A successful launch for HyShot III over the weekend. If it's any consolation to Elon Musk, whose SpaceX launch ended in failure on the same day, the first HyShot launch went out of control.

  • digging in

    Unlike any recovery team from NASA, Ross Paull of the University of Queensland Center for Hypersonics helps dig out the first stage of the rocket. The second stage payload was found about 250 miles from the launch site.

Topic: Government AU

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