Photos: Screening for explosives at SFO

Photos: Screening for explosives at SFO

Summary: A division of GE sets up a prototype system at San Francisco's airport, with hopes of winning U.S. security approval.

TOPICS: Security

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  • shoe scanner

    A side view of the shoe scanner, which is designed to detect explosives without requiring passengers to remove their footwear. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, GE's goal is to fine-tune the security gear at SFO, with an eye to getting it approved by the Transportation Security Administration.

  • finger scanner

    The biometrics system also includes an explosives-detecting finger scanner. The GE gear, which is set up side-by-side with current check-in equipment, isn't yet being used to screen passengers.

  • laptop scan

    GE's prototype airport security system scans a laptop computer bag.

Topic: Security

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