Photos: Segway's rolling technology

Photos: Segway's rolling technology

Summary: Segway is licensing the technology used in its Human Transporter scooter to other companies.

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  • Photos: Segway's rolling technology

    Segway's XT Human Transporter, billed as suitable for rough terrain, features wide tires designed to increase stability on uneven ground, and low tire pressure meant to minimize the impact of bumps. It is priced at $4,995.

  • Photos: Segway's rolling technology

    Segway's Human Transporter can be equipped to carry small cargo, including items as large as a set of golf clubs. Priced at $5,495, this model features tires designed for enhanced traction.

  • Photos: Segway's rolling technology

    One of Segway's prototype vehicles, the Concept Centaur, uses what the company calls "dynamic stabilization" technology, which also helps operate the Human Transporter. This model, shown at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, is equipped with Michelin "Tweel" tires.

Topic: Tech Industry

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