Photos: Self-tuning guitars

Photos: Self-tuning guitars

Summary: The Performer, invented by Neil Skinn, hears strings that are off-pitch. And can do something about it.

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Les Paul Special, back view

    TransPerformance founder Neil Skinn originally designed the self-tuning system for his Gibson Les Paul, a solid-body electric guitar that, unmodified, weighs about 8 pounds. A fair amount of wood is routed out of the guitar body to accommodate the Performer's electronics and other hardware, shown here on a mahogany Les Paul Special. The weight of a modified guitar is roughly the same as the weight of one without the system. The Performer runs on its own power supply and does not affect the electronics that control the guitar's pickups or tone.

  • White Stratocaster

    Skinn adapted his self-tuning system, originally designed for Gibson Les Paul guitars, for use in solid-body guitars made by Fender, including its Stratocaster (shown here) and Telecaster models.

  • Telecaster

    A custom Fender Telecaster equipped with the TransPerformer self-tuning system. The heavily figured top on this instrument is maple.

Topic: Mobility

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