Photos: Seven of Microsoft's hardware hits and misses

Photos: Seven of Microsoft's hardware hits and misses

Summary: Company gets lion's share of revenue from software, but it's created a sizable hardware business, too.

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  • Fingerprint reader

    4. Fingerprint reader

    Microsoft's fingerprint reader can be used to limit access to PCs or files. Researchers have found that Play-Doh and cadaver parts could help mischief makers skirt such defenses, but also that perspiration makes fingerprint readers more reliable.

  • MSN TV

    5. MSN TV

    Since it bought WebTV in the late '90s, Microsoft has dreamed of selling set-top boxes that would give consumers the ability to surf the Web on their TVs. Unfortunately, not many have answered the call. Despite several attempts and different hardware configurations, Microsoft set tops have yet to catch on.

    The RCA MSN TV 2 Internet and Media Player sells for $199 at stores that carry it, but you can get used ones on for about $70.

  • Wireless base stations

    6. Wireless base stations

    Microsoft entered the networking market in 2002 and quickly rose to No. 2 in the market. Product glitches caused it to slide back to No. 4 a few months later. By May, the company had already left the market.

Topics: Microsoft, Hardware

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