Photos: Silicon Valley's office jinx

Photos: Silicon Valley's office jinx

Summary: For every Oracle success story, there are more than a few companies that have run into trouble right after moving into their fancy new offices.

TOPICS: Oracle

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  • Silicon Graphics

    Company: Silicon Graphics

    Campus: Mountain View, Calif.

    What happened: SGI in 1997 moved into what many thought was the Taj Mahal of Silicon Valley--500,000 square feet of high-tech offices. But management turmoil and increasing competition from PCs badly wounded the computer maker. After several years of layoffs, SGI moved out of the sprawling facility, which is now leased by Google.

  • Excite

    Company: Excite@Home

    Campus: Redwood City, Calif.

    What happened: The dot-com flameout started moving into its facility in 1999, but Excite@Home declared bankruptcy in 2001. The nearly 1 million-square-foot campus was empty for almost two years but is now slowly filling up.

Topic: Oracle

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