Photos: Smokey Bear's neutron tool

Photos: Smokey Bear's neutron tool

Summary: A plane swoops toward a wildfire to dump its payload of flame retardant. Dramatic, yes. But heroic pilots are only part of the story.

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  • Mixing a retardant cocktail and sending it through a straw

    ...and refilled with the concoction of retardant and water. Here we see the retardant cocktail being mixed (top) and pumped into a tank.

  • C-130 heads out to fight fires

    Then it's off to fight fires. With the landscape visible beyond the tail of the plane, a MAFF operator gets prepared (left--note the reverse angle on the pipes shown earlier). On the right, a U.S. Forest Service lead plane directs the C-130 to the drop site...

  • Bombs away

    ...and it's bombs away--in part thanks to the techies at U.C. Davis and their army of neutrons.

Topic: Tech Industry

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