Photos: Space capsules under pressure

Photos: Space capsules under pressure

Summary: Models of crew exploration capsules go through the ringer at NASA's Ames Research Center.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • Up close with both CEVs

    Two small-scale models of crew exploration vehicles, or CEVs, are undergoing extreme testing at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif.

    One CEV model is covered with pink, pressure-sensitive paint. It gives constant readings of pressure when inside the wind tunnel. The other measures forces being applied to the model inside the tunnel.

    The research facility was shown off to a group of visitors on March 7, 2006.

  • 7 percent model Nickison

    Nickison explains the way the 7 percent scale model of the crew exploration vehicle is used for measuring pressure and various environmental forces in the wind tunnel.

  • 7 percent model UV

    A 7 percent scale model of the CEV shown in NASA Ames' 11-foot by 11-foot transsonic wind tunnel in the ultraviolet light used to measure pressure on the model.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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