Photos: Space station in trouble?

Photos: Space station in trouble?

Summary: If NASA shuttles continue to be delayed the International Space Station may be decommissioned before 2010, according to scientists.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • Flight Engineer John L. Phillips works in the lab while conducting an experiment on his own body. He's wearing a pair of cycling tights outfitted with sensors that measure joints, muscle activity and foot force. Scientists hope to solve the mystery of bone and muscle loss during space flight and also better understand osteoporosis on Earth.

  • The space station replentishes its supplies from craft like Progress 18 which was launched from Russia to deliver two tons of supplies, food, water, fuel and equipment to the Expedition 11 crew members aboard the station. Discovery brought fresh supplies when it arrived.

  • To prepare for a new supply vehicle, crew members packed Progress 17 with its load of trash and unneeded equipment and sent it to be deorbited and burned up in Earth's atmosphere. Discovery brought back a load of trash to Earth.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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