Photos: Stardust capsule returns with comet dust

Photos: Stardust capsule returns with comet dust

Summary: After a 2.9 billion mile journey, NASA's Stardust probe returned to Earth--carrying secrets of the solar system.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • landing

    NASA's Stardust capsule successfully landed on Jan. 15 at the U.S. Air Force Utah Test and Training Range. The 100-pound capsule was launched in 1999 and traveled 2.9 billion miles to capture particles from comet Wild 2 and return to Earth.

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  • return to earth

    The Stardust capsule's re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere created a light show captured by NASA's DC-8 Airborn Laboratory. It was the fastest re-entry of a manmade object, returning at a speed of 28,860 miles per hour after being ejected from the main spacecraft as it flew past Earth.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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