Photos: Steve and Bill's most excellent talk

Photos: Steve and Bill's most excellent talk

Summary: Pictures of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs at the Wall Street Journal's D conference

TOPICS: Hardware, Apple, Banking

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  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates made their much anticipated stage debut at The Wall Street Journal's D conference late Wednesday. The meeting, one of the rare occasions where the two tech luminaries shared a stage, resembled a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame enshrinement, according to Dan Farber's post.

  • Much of the talk focused on the future of computing. Regarding Jobs' legendary product vision, Gates said, "I would give a lot to have Steve's taste. In terms of intuitive taste for people and products, I sat in Mac product reviews...and look at it as an engineering question.I see Steve make decisions based on people and products-it's magical."From left to right: Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher, Jobs and Gates.

Topics: Hardware, Apple, Banking

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  • They do look like "PC" and "MAC" :)

    Who'd a thunk it?
    • Ooh...sure they do

      Very much like the Ads :)... Steve's wearing a Black T-Shirt and Bill wearing a formal Shirt. Now what does that remind u of ?
      • SPREADSHEETS FTW!!! <nt>