Photos: Submersibles explore the deep

Photos: Submersibles explore the deep

Summary: Submersibles equipped with the latest technology patrol at crushing depths and provide direct contact with new species and habitats.

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  • Mir

    What do you do when the world you want to explore is deep under water? You might go get yourself a submersible. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explains more about the technology on its Web site. Following are some of the submersibles described there in detail.

    The Mir submersible is lowered into the water via a cable connected to the ship's winch system. This battery-powered, three-person vessel is designed to operate at depths of 20,000 feet. This front view shows its versatile manipulator arms and huge viewing port.

  • Clelia

    The three-person submersible Clelia is launched from an A-frame crane. The Clelia can cruise at 3 knots and is certified to operate at a maximum depth of 1,000 feet.

Topic: Telcos

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