Photos: Technicolor wafers star on IDF floor

Photos: Technicolor wafers star on IDF floor

Summary: Wafers of prototype 80-core chips and PCs sporting Intel's upcoming chips are on dazzling display at the Intel Developer Forum.

TOPICS: Intel, Hardware, PCs

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  • Wafer

    Hello, Peter Max. Here is a shot of a wafer with the 80-core chips Intel showed off at its three-day Intel Developer Forum, held in San Francisco.

    The 80-core chips are set to come out in around five years and have the capability to send out 1 trillion bits of information per second through an I/O channel.

    In person, the wafer only looks slightly multicolored to the human eye. The camera exaggerates the effect in this photo.

  • Unfinished wafer

    This wafer of prototype 80-core chips is half-finished so visitors to IDF can see the underlying communications paths between the cores.

Topics: Intel, Hardware, PCs

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