Photos: The future of flight

Photos: The future of flight

Summary: At the 46th Paris Air Show, visitors get a glimpse of tomorrow's aircraft.

TOPICS: Travel Tech

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  • Neuron aircraft

    A side view of the Neuron unmanned aircraft.

  • Unstaffed combat vehicles

    Other unmanned combat vehicles at the air show draw the attention of military staff. The show, held every two years, is taking place at Le Bourget, an airport on the outskirts of Paris.

  • Solar Impulse project

    Members of the Solar Impulse project show off a scale model of their planned aircraft. Their goal: to fly around the world with the solar-powered vehicle. Left to right: Luiggino Torrigiani, director of marketing; Andre Borschberg, CEO; Bertrand Piccard, founder and president; and Brian Jones, head of the sustainable development program.

Topic: Travel Tech

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