Photos: The Great Quake of 1906

Photos: The Great Quake of 1906

Summary: Photographs taken by Jack London show the devastation of the San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fires.

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  • City Hall

    The earthquake caused San Francisco's poorly constructed City Hall to collapse. Only the dome and its steel superstructure remained. It would take another 10 years until the new City Hall opened its doors.

  • balloon

    This photograph, taken from a tethered balloon five weeks after the great earthquake of April 18, 1906, shows the devastation brought on the city of San Francisco by the quake and subsequent fire. The view is looking over Nob Hill toward the business district and the distant Mission.

  • Bolinas

    This picture, taken near Bolinas in Marin County by G.K. Gilbert, shows a fence that was offset about 8.5 feet along the trace of the fault.

Topic: Storage

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