Photos: The new face of e-passports

Photos: The new face of e-passports

Summary: The U.K. has started issuing e-passports while the U.S. tests its own plan.

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  • UK e-passport cover

    The first e-passports for the U.K. are now being issued by the Foreign Office in Washington, D.C. The price of a U.K. passport is 51 pounds, reflecting a 9-pound fee increase to cover the cost of implementing anti-fraud measures.

    The cover of the U.K. e-passport looks only slightly different from its predecessor.

  • UK e-passport chip

    ,E-passports feature a chip embedded on the back of the personal information page. It will digitally store a scan of the holder's facial features.

    Other security features include enhanced background checks on applicants and, beginning in 2007, face-to-face interviews for first-time adult applicants.

Topic: Processors

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