Photos: The Squeezebox 3 wireless receiver

Photos: The Squeezebox 3 wireless receiver

Summary: The Squeezebox 3 receiver wirelessly taps into your computer's inventory of music so it can be played over your home stereo.


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    The Squeezebox 3 wireless receiver taps in to the music collection on your computer. Using the remote that comes with the device, you can select music files from anywhere in your computer library and play them over your home stereo. The Squeezebox is made by Slim Devices and costs about $300 (a plug-in version is available for about $250).

  • V-u meter

    Measuring 7.6 by 3.7 by 3.1 inches, the Squeezebox 3 features a screen can display text--the title of the song that's being played or a news-headline ticker--and sound-level readings.

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