Photos: These bikes hum and fold

Photos: These bikes hum and fold

Summary: At the Japan International Cycle Show, visitors get a look at electric rides and two-wheelers that fit in lockers.

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  • Locker Cycle 1

    This prototype "Locker Cycle" from Japanese manufacturer Pearl Metal is designed for stashing in coin-operated lockers at train stations.

  • Locker Cycle 2

    The Locker Cycle, carrying the Captainstag brand, is expected to go on sale in Japan in 2006.

  • Carry Bike

    Fold this bicycle, and you get a hand cart. The "Carry Bike," from bicycle maker Lutz, features small wheels and suspension. It's priced between 38,000 yen ($330) and 48,000 yen, depending on the size.

Topic: Tech Industry

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