Photos: Tomorrow's cars rally in Tokyo

Photos: Tomorrow's cars rally in Tokyo

Summary: Concept cars at Tokyo Motor Show include fuel cell vehicles, Nissan's spinning Pivo and a Honda wagon for the dogs.

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Eliica

    A central theme at the 2005 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens to the public Oct. 22, is alternative engine technology. An electric car that's bound to catch visitors' eyes is the Eliica, designed by Japan's Keio University. It uses lithium ion batteries to send power to its eight wheels and is said to have hit speeds of 230 miles per hour.

    For photos from last month's auto show in Frankfurt, Germany, click here.

  • Mercedes F 600 Hygenius

    Among the automakers showing off fuel cell vehicles at the Tokyo show is DaimlerChrysler, whose protoype line includes the sleek Mercedes F 600 Hygenius concept car. The Hygenius' high-voltage battery and hydrogen tank are located beneath the passenger cell, and its electric motor has been built into the rear-axle carrier.

Topic: Mobility

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