Photos: Tomorrow's mobile phones--take a whiff

Photos: Tomorrow's mobile phones--take a whiff

Summary: Students in London use touch, smell and flexibility in their designs of cell phones for 2015.

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  • Wood phone

    Students at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London have been coming up with designs for the biggest-selling phone of 2015.

    This device, by Nicola Reed, is a third-generation phone with the dimensions of a credit card and is intended to be worn around the neck. It's green-themed and environmentally friendly--after analyzing its user's day-to-day impact on the planet, the climate conscious are rewarded with free calls and texts.

  • Smell phone

    This design, called Scentsory, by Kimberly Hu, brings aromatherapy to a mobile, allowing users to share scents with each other, as well as other ambient experiences such as lighting.

    With its origami-like folding mechanism, the phone can take the form of an envelope or a traditional thin candy bar phone.

Topic: United Kingdom

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