Photos: Tomorrow's mobile phones--take a whiff

Photos: Tomorrow's mobile phones--take a whiff

Summary: Students in London use touch, smell and flexibility in their designs of cell phones for 2015.

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  • Wood phone

    Students at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London have been coming up with designs for the biggest-selling phone of 2015.

    This device, by Nicola Reed, is a third-generation phone with the dimensions of a credit card and is intended to be worn around the neck. It's green-themed and environmentally friendly--after analyzing its user's day-to-day impact on the planet, the climate conscious are rewarded with free calls and texts.

  • Smell phone

    This design, called Scentsory, by Kimberly Hu, brings aromatherapy to a mobile, allowing users to share scents with each other, as well as other ambient experiences such as lighting.

    With its origami-like folding mechanism, the phone can take the form of an envelope or a traditional thin candy bar phone.

  • Hello! Phone

    Sungjoo Kim's Hello Phone is designed to breathe new life into outdated mobile phones.

    Old school phones can be placed into the cradle, which acts as an extension of the device. The setup could, for instance, give users access to new services including home security applications, where pictures taken by a camera phone are broadcast to the Hello's owner via the Web.

Topic: United Kingdom

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