Photos: Tools to optimize your desktop experience

Photos: Tools to optimize your desktop experience

Summary: While laptops and tablets get most of the attention in the computer world today, the silent majority remain chained to desktops. Here are four ways to enhance the desktop experience.

TOPICS: Hardware, CXO

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Topics: Hardware, CXO

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  • Photos: Tools to optimize your desktop experience

    30" Display is a good choice to start optimize your desktop experience. I use a 42" lcd tv and it is awesome.
  • Optimize the desktop

    I've had dual screens and programmable mouse for a very long time. It's what you always wanted. I just added a Bamboo last winter. Pen input on dual screens isn't very good due to scaling issues on double wide sceen space. <br><br>Also not mentioned add an HDCP compliant video card / Monitor and have really great video from a BluRay media player too. On the desktop HD video looks quite nice up close.<br><br>Start mutitaking a lot lot things like gadgets and other toys to keep you up to date with what else is going on all the time. You can stay connected 24 x 7 with a lot of things both personal and technical and not at a per minute billing rate. Desktop to desktop chat is free.<br><br>Rather than virtual desktops that were old news 15 years ago add virtual machines instead. our multi core CPU is probably under used as it is. VM's will solve that under used resource. The big screen area on a desktop has so many more ways to expand and explore cool technoilogies. Graphics cards that can really drive it all are quite cheap.
    • RE: Photos: Tools to optimize your desktop experience

      @PBlais I think you'll find that the built-in schedular makes much better use of the cores than running bulky virtual machines! ...Unless you are using Windows 95 or something...
  • RE: Photos: Tools to optimize your desktop experience

    Meh, wish I could afford a nice monitor.

    Never really got into virtual desktops. They didn't really help me that much.

    Tablet input works best on a tablet PC. I've tried both, and it really helps a lot to see what you're writing underneath your pen.

    I like Logitech's mice that have that internal clutch, so you can switch between a wheel that clicks and a wheel that scrolls smoothly.
  • $1500 for a 30" 2560x1600 monitor?

    ...or for those of us NOT on an unlimited budget, you can get THREE of Dell's 23" ST 1920x1080 monitors for about ONE-THIRD the cost (and the 23" ST is a great monitor).
  • Portait displays

    I use a pair of 23-inch displays, rotated to portait so each is tall, not wide. You don't know how productive you can be till you've edited two pages across, larger-than-life, or read an entire Web article without touching your mouse.
  • RE: Photos: Tools to optimize your desktop experience

    Programmable mouse? No thanks. I have really no need for that. Unless someone finds a way to unprogram the side buttons to avoid hundreds of unwanted "back" actions in my browser ... I'm ready to use superglue to disable that damned button!
  • Oh WOW! They have virtual workspaces...

    Mac has finally caught up to KDE and Gnome...meh.
  • Thanks for the effort..but

    there is no small irony in a flashy slideshow-style article about optimized experience..