Photos: Touring the floor at VON

Photos: Touring the floor at VON

Summary: This year's VON conference in San Jose, Calif., featured plenty of new gear designed to expand and enhance IP services.

TOPICS: Networking

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  • Cisco's cell-to-Wi-Fi software

    Cisco explained how its new communications software, when running on PDAs, allows users to switch between a cellular network and a Wi-Fi network.

  • Vonage phone 2

    Vonage, which provides IP telephony service to consumers and small businesses, displayed its new portable Wi-Fi phones, which allow people to use their Vonage VoIP service when they're connected to any public Wi-Fi hot spot. The Vonage phones were on display at a booth hosted by Sonus, a "softswitch" maker that provides equipment to Vonage.

  • Infineon IP chip

    VoIP chipmaker Infineon Technologies showed off its new INCA-IP2, a "gigabit Ethernet" IP chip for IP phones. The INCA-IP2, Infineon's second-generation IP-phone system chip, is designed to allow companies that want to use VoIP to deploy gigabit Ethernet to employees' desktops. These higher-speed processors also pave the way for more multimedia features to be added to office phones.

Topic: Networking

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