Photos: Vista Launch NYC

Photos: Vista Launch NYC

Summary: Here are a few scenes from the Windows Vista launch in New York on January 29 - 30.


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  • The "Bad Vista" contingent was visible, handing out Linux disks, as Vista launch attendees waited in the freezing cold to enter the Nokia Theatre in Times Square for the launch event.

  • Overheard while waiting in the launch line: "You have questions about Vista's DRM?" Passerby: "No, I was just wondering where you got those yellow suits."

  • Microsoft turned the Nokia Theatre into a pre-launch party, with music, drinks and food for the 1,000+ attendees who were invited to the January 29 event.

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  • I see...

    I see you got a few shots in there of The Lusers (pic 2 & 3) too. How pathetic [b]are[/b] these people?
    • Not as pathetic

      Not as pathetic as you my boy. Keep taking your anti-jelaously tablets because they are not working.
  • Suppose

    They launch an OS and nobody really cared,Vista give it a miss!!