Photos: Vonage's V-Phone

Photos: Vonage's V-Phone

Summary: Aiming for big and medium-size businesses, Vonage unveils the V-Phone, a device designed to turn a PC into an Internet phone.

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  • press event

    Vonage, the Internet phone company that stumbled out of the gates in its initial public offering last month, hosted a press event at the top of Rockefeller Center in New York City to kick off its new "phone on a stick" VoIP product, the V-Phone.

  • V-Phone

    The Vonage V-Phone, seen here plugged into the right side of this laptop, is equipped with a USB 256MB flash drive and carries Vonage software. When it's plugged into a laptop or PC, it turns the computer into a phone. The call history and phone book are stored right on the device.

    The V-Phone comes with a 2.5mm stereo earpiece microphone, which is also compatible with many cell phone headsets. It costs $40 and will be sold in more than 11,000 retail locations, Vonage said. Customers must also pay a $9 activation fee, plus the cost of one of Vonage's monthly service packages. Residential customers can pay $14.99 for 500 minutes or $24.99 for unlimited U.S. calling. And business customers can pay $35 per month for unlimited calls.

  • CEO Mike Snyder

    Vonage CEO Mike Snyder was on hand at the launch of the V-phone, a USB flash drive loaded with IP calling software. Snyder, who presided over the company's recent IPO, said the new product, designed for use by medium-to-large businesses, helps Vonage fill out its product portfolio.

Topics: PCs, Hardware

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