Photos: Voyage in search of microbes

Photos: Voyage in search of microbes

Summary: The start-up Synthetic Genomics got a head start from an ocean-going voyage led by pioneering scientist J. Craig Venter.

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  • Sorcerer II

    Much of the work being done at Synthetic Genomics stems from a voyage made by the scientist J. Craig Venter (in green tank top) aboard his 95-foot sailing sloop, the Sorcerer II, outfitted as a seagoing lab. To his left is Tony Knap, senior research scientist at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research. The expedition set sail around the world in spring 2003.

  • Filtering the microbes

    Filtration systems aboard the Sorcerer II were an essential part of the gear used to identify micro-organisms. The ultimate goal of the expedition: publishing a genomic catalog of the world's microbes.

Topic: Start-Ups

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