Photos: Walking above the clouds

Photos: Walking above the clouds

Summary: Space shuttle Discovery astronauts take three space walks to upgrade the space station and test emergency repairs.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space, Cloud

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  • Fixing tiles

    Astronauts Piers Sellers and Mike Fossum took a third space walk on Wednesday to test procedures for emergency repairs. The two took infrared video to see if damage within the shuttle's reinforced carbon panels could be detected.

  • Applying sealant with putty knife

    The space shuttle brought damaged panels to see if astronauts could repair them in orbit using a substance called NOAX--a pre-ceramic polymer sealant containing carbon-silicon carbide powder. Their tools, a caulk gun and spatulas.

  • Group shot

    The weightless Discovery crew poses for a head-to-head photo shoot. From the bottom left are astronauts Stephanie Wilson; Steven Lindsey, commander; and Lisa Nowak. From the top left are astronauts Piers Sellers, Michael Fossum, and Mark Kelly.

Topics: Nasa / Space, Cloud

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